New to Soul Purpose

Wondering what to expect when you walk through our doors?

What should I wear to church? How long is church service? Is there a children’s church service? We have all once been new to Soul Purpose, or to any church, wondering these questions.

We believe everyone was created to be a part of God’s family. Feel free to wear what makes you comfortable. You’ll be welcomed with open arms, breakfast snacks and hot coffee. Entering the auditorium, you will be handed the service’s bulletin. We start the service with upbeat music from our music team and announcements. You are welcome to fill out your connection card with your information, prayer requests and more. This is how we will know where to send your new attenders gift. 

Beloved Church member
"The best part of attending SPCC is the relationships you develop with other people. I literally have an entire church family that I can trust and count on. That’s irreplaceable."

About Our Children's Ministry

Children’s ministry begins when our Pastor begins the message. You are welcome to go with your child to their class or stay in the auditorium, whatever makes you feel comfortable.  For mothers with toddlers or babies, the nursery provides a safe and fun, toy-filled place for them to play. You can go with them and hear the message over the speaker, or leave them in our nursery team’s care. Your children are also welcome to stay with you. 

In the auditorium, the Pastor will share a message from the Bible. Once the message ends, we enjoy a last song from our music team and if you feel led to, you may give to the offering basket. We encourage every one of our attenders and members to leave their connection cards so we know how best to pray for you. Our service typically lasts from 10 to 11:30am.

Don't Forget Your Gift!

On your way out as a first time attender, please select a free gift from our table near the door. These gifts usually include an action or study bible, t-shirt or gift cards. 

We will hope to see you next Sunday, or sooner at one of our many growth group bible studies. You are always welcome.