Mission Trips

Mission Trips

Make a Difference

Many passages in the Bible discuss spreading hope, love and the word of God to the ends of the earth. Every day, people of all countries suffer. Soul Purpose members have come together to decide as a church family, where we can make the greatest impact. Together, we have gone overseas on multiple mission trips. We have reached people of all languages, rebuilding lives and spreading hope that God exists and that He loves. 

“I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.”

Puerto Rico Mission Trip: January 2018

After Hurricane Maria swept over Puerto Rico in October 2017, our church began collecting items, funds and people to bring God and hope to the area. In January 2018, our church led a mission trip to bring food & water, to rebuild homes and to provide hope.  Clint, a member of Soul Purpose, knew he was being called to help, but he thought he had no relevant skills to offer those in need. Listening to God’s calling, he went. This is his testimony, about how God uses us all. 

El Salvador Mission Trip: 2017

Our church members decided to head to the poorest regions of El Salvador and help build a school and a church. Preparing for months, bringing water, food and supplies for the children. Pastor Allen’s wife, Rosie, is from El Salvador and wanted to bring God’s love to the people of her birth nation. Hearts and lives were touched and changed during this trip, not only by those we met, but by our members. We hope to Continue making a difference in this nation again soon. 

mission trips at Soul Purpose Community Church in Bealeton va

Join us on the next adventure God puts in our hearts.